Sunday, March 28, 2010

Interview with Nathan Ohlendorf of Sadlittles

Why did you decide to do your own sketch card sets?
I was unable to get work with other companies, so I started my own on a whim.

How did you begin? Was it difficult at first (materials, legalities, etc.)?
I started by drawing the art for the L&L Thor promo card. I then contacted a printer and had the cards made up. I didnt even have the website yet, but I posted it on a couple different forums and people sent for them. So I knew I had to put my money where my mouth was. I began contacting artists and friends. Anyone who could draw. I was hoping I didn't fall flat on my face.

What were you looking for in the artists you recruited?
Free art!! LOL...No I just wanted artists with a desire to see the project through and a good work ethic. Had a few fall off, some quit. Overall I,m really happy with everyone.

What do your sets consist of (base cards, regular trading cards, sketch cards, etc)?
Promo cards, Preview cards, Trading cards, Sketch Cards, sometimes Collector Proofs and sometimes Test Sketches.

Have you had any setbacks so far, or has it been "smooth sailing"?
I've had artists quit, printing errors. I've really pissed people off because I can be a jerk sometimes. Had packaging all worked out.

What type of sketch card sets are you looking to put out?
Anything and everything I can think of. I dont think there are any limits of what we can or want to do.

Can people find your card sets in stores?
No, we cater to the true collector, someone who is a purist of the hobby. So we sell exclusively on our website.

How/where do you advertise?
We dont really, we just are a word of mouth type thing. We do use and NSU had a Promo card. Scoundrel forums is a place you will find me peddling a lot.

Were you able to see a profit right away?
I was able to pay everyone and that made me happy! Lol. We are at the point where profit is flipped to the next project, we are doing 5 this year so we are good.

Are you planning on your company being around for awhile? Will you branch out to other products?
I hope we are around for a while. I want to make a mark in this hobby before branching out. Comics are a goal down the road.

Will you be looking into doing licensed properties in the future?
Yes, we have one set coming this year actually. It will be something you could compare to Women of Marvel. Indy comic fans will love this set.

Will you be attending conventions as a exhibitor/dealer?
We are hoping to be at a few of them this year.

What should an artist do if they want to work with you?
Send me an email and samples. I read every email and look at all art. I just don't have time to respond to them all right away. Don't send me an email that is all formal. I'm just a regular dude who started this in his basement. LOL.

If someone were to approach you about starting up their own sketch card series, what advice could you give them?
You need the right graphics person and printer. The printer will make or break you. You need lots of money. Or in my case a very expensive toy collection sold on ebay.

Where can people find more information on you and your company?
We have a Sadlittles facebook page I update regularly, and of course the website:

Thank you for your time, Nathan!

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