Friday, June 18, 2010

Sketch card artists at SDCC

This list is tentative and will be updated (edit: Thanks to those that sent me info to update the list!).

Artist Alley:

Alexander Buechel
Justin Chung
Katie Cook
Joe Corroney
Renae De Liz
Ray Dillon

Michael Dooney
Otis Frampton
Randy Green
Gabriel Hernandez
Tom Hodges
Mark Irwin
Leah Mangue
Randy Martinez

Bill Maus
William O'Neill

Ryan Odagawa
Bill Pulkovski
David Rabbitte

Josef Rubinstein
Jamie Snell
Cat Staggs
Denise Vasquez
John Watkins-Chow

Dane Ault- Small Press Table N13

Zorilita-Mary Bellamy - Small Press Table N04
Spencer Brinkerhoff III and Russell Walks- Wildstar Tempest booth
Sean "Cheeks" Galloway - Exhibitor
Mark Brooks - Exhibitor
Matt Busch - Exhibitor
Adam Hughes & Allison Sohn - Exhibitors
Dean Yeagle - Exhibitor

Mel Uran - Exhibit A Press booth Friday and Saturday

Feel free to let me know if I have left anyone out (as I'm sure I did). Again, this sketch card artist list is tentative and will be changing.

*updated 7/8/10

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