Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interview with Glen Ricardo Fernandez Sardi

How did you get involved in sketch cards?
I got involved with sketchcards after I stumbled with the Scoundrel art community, did my research about what a sketchcard was since they are not known in my country and thought it was something I could hop in, so I got to make several PSCs and commissions. But I stopped for over a year until I was contacted by Steve from 5finity after a Zombies vs Cheerleaders pinup I made and got my first two official jobs, ZvC and P’ups.

Do you have an education in the art field?
I went to a cartooning school owned by a former spiderman inker called Julio Lopez, I learned the basics about how to draw and comics with him, then I went to study Illustration where I learned mostly about technical illustration for advertising with strong influence in graphic design which was more about copying photos (that’s the main reason I don’t want to use photo references or make photo real work).

How do you feel about working on such a small surface?
When I began it was a challenge since I had been drawing children cartoons digitally for a few years and wasn’t used to drawing on paper anymore, even less in such a small size so my first few sketchcards consisted on face close ups (lol).
But I feel I have learned a lot since then and I’m getting used to the size to the point I see a lot of space to work with.

How do you feel about the entire process?
The most difficult part is getting the blanks on time since I live in a foreign country and the mail is very slow and I end up with just a few days to work and mail the package back. I have to use UPS to meet the deadlines so the little money I get from making the sets goes to the UPS shipping… (lol), but I feel that working in sets is more like a medium to get noticed as an artist out there and not a real source of income (unless I manage to sell my returns or AEs).
Also I love the freedom I get when drawing sketchcards, I just do my research on the subjects and then hop on the drawing table.

Do you have a lot of contact with collectors regarding your cards?
I did when I started a few years ago but things slowed down so I stopped for a while, I’m practically starting over so at the moment I haven’t had that many contacts from collectors.

How do you feel about some collectors wanting more detailed cards versus what sketch card artists are paid to work on the cards?
I think I understand them to some extent, not confusing detail with realism, I personally would feel terrible just to know I created a sketchcard in a rush or just to fill one more card quickly. I like having fun while creating them and I constantly think about how the collectors would feel if they get one of mine without thinking if they are paying me 1$ or 100$.
So I totally understand collectors' frustrations when they receive a card where no effort was put in the card at all, and I have seen many cases.

Have you had any bad experiences with collectors?
I haven’t, but every time I mail something to a collector I’m afraid it might get lost in the mail, so it’s terrible when I get a message from a collector about not receiving their sketchcards, though most times the collector wasn’t aware that I’m overseas and don’t know that international packages take longer than two weeks to arrive, but other than that I’ve had cool experiences with collectors.

Would you say your career as an artist has benefited from doing sketch card work?
Absolutely, focusing on the small area has made me take another perspective on how to work and I think I have improved a lot because of this.

What was the most difficult sketch card set you have worked on to date?
The most difficult where my first two sets, ZvC and P’ups. I received them at the same time but the mail was so slow I only had four days to draw and return the 40 cards (my limit is about 6 per day), so while I was working on them I injured my hand and was quite stressed since I didn’t want to diminish the quality as they where my first sets and had to meet a very tight deadline with a hand under heavy pain. In the end I was happy with the work.

Are there any cards that you are particularly proud of?
I finished a couple of weeks ago the “mixtape” set from 5finity which I’m very proud as a whole. I’m also proud of most of my latest commissions.

Some companies provide return cards or artist proof cards for working on sketch card sets. What do you do with yours? Do you still have any?
I haven’t done many official sets yet so I’m not exactly a known artist so I’m kind of collecting my own work (lol).
And I’m kind of between both sides of the coin. I would like to keep them but I would like for others to enjoy them… plus I need the money. So I’ll sell them if people want them.

Do you see yourself continuing with sketch card sets?
Absolutely, they are quite fun to create and I love the challenges and freedom I get while doing them and just the thought of someone getting a piece created by me is superb.

Is there any advice you would like to give to people wanting to break into the sketch card ‘biz’?
Never lose hope, keep working and improving your work but most of all, love what you do.

Where can people see more of your work?
I have a blog at I update it quite often an there I have many sub-blogs dedicated to my web comics, sculptures, toys and other places I’m on the net, and I have a Deviant Art gallery which I also update frequently at

Are you open for anyone interested in commission work?
I do. I recently received my new blank sketchcard stock where I can add an extra drawing on the back (I’m kind of proud of the little feature ^^) but I’m not limited to sketchcards, I’m open for any kind of commissions (posters, covers, pinups, etc.).

What are you currently working on?
I just finished work for a children’s yearbook + poster. I’m also working on a 4 page comic for a competition, an adventure videogame and I’m also creating artistic toys in resin and wood for an upcoming local convention. I like to flow between artistic fields.

Thank you so much for your time, Glen!!

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